About us

We’re here to serve you! Since 1982, Mal-Ad Promotions (Campus Id Wear’s Parent Company) has been providing top quality products and services for countless businesses, organizations, schools and universities. Our staff’s top priority is to make your event a success.


What are the youth sizes?
The youth sizes are youth small (6-8) youth medium (10-12) & youth large (14-16)

Can I have something other than “Field Day” on my shirt?
Yes! We are happy to change any design for you or even make a custom one.

Can we use the Olympic Rings or Torch?
Regretfully Olympics or Olympiad, Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch or a combination of any of those are property of the Olympic Committee and can not be used unless you have written permission from them. We can use our custom torches and words like Spring Games.

I have my own art, how do I send it to CID?
Its easy. You can e-mail it directly to us at orders@mal-ad.com or send a hard copy via regular mail (which will be returned to you). Make sure all scans are at least 180 DPI. If you need help, just give us a call at 912-764-9983 or 800-317-9983.

Can you build a custom package for us?
Yes! Our staff is here to help. You can even tell us what budget you need to stay in and they will help you put one together.

Do you provide shirts & gifts for proms?
Yes! Here are some of the most ordered items for proms:
T-shirt, glasses/drinkware, photo albums, cups, wristbands, sunglasses, drawstring backpacks, key rings.